Listen Up!! Free Download!!!

Easy you lot! We all love a free download and we were feeling generous. So we thought we would give you a fresh UKG track for free! Dave All Good H & DJ Wisk 'Gangster Step', a track I have been getting hassled to give to DJs since playing it exclusively on d3ep radio and... Continue Reading →

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Artist Showcase : B1G PR0J3CT

  B1G PR0J3CT It's a pleasure to bring you my 2nd Artist Showcase, the man they call B1G Pr0J3CT. I had a lot of people inbox me asking me to feature this guy & I can't lie it was already in the pipe line! It was just a matter of finding the time between us... Continue Reading →

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Artist Showcase : Doctor Nick

Easy you lot. I will be doing these Artist features on a regular basis. Simply to push the producers that are helping to keep the scene alive & well. If there is anyone you'd like me to feature please feel free to drop a comment below. Doctor Nick ย  I had the difficult task of... Continue Reading →

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Listen up! The ‘is nothings safe from a UK Garage remix?’ years!

There was a time when absolutely nothing was safe from being sampled or remixed into a UK Garage track! Films, TV programs, other tunes, basically anything that could be sampled was at some point! The results were definitely hit & miss! Being Halloween I had to start with these 2 from the UK Garage archives!... Continue Reading →

We’re doing it NICE!! Birminghams 1st UKG & DNB Warehouse Rave!!

VERY LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE ๐Ÿ‘‰ NICE Underground Warehouse Rave November 18th @ The Rainbow Venues Birmingham featuring ARTFUL DODGER, MIGHTY MOE (HEARTLESS CREW), BASSMAN (SDC), TRIGGA (SDC), VOLTAGE & ROMINA JOHNSON all making there NICE debut! Wow after the MASSIVE Birthday in August how could we leave you hanging till next year?! This... Continue Reading →

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