Artist Showcase : B1G PR0J3CT

  B1G PR0J3CT It's a pleasure to bring you my 2nd Artist Showcase, the man they call B1G Pr0J3CT. I had a lot of people inbox me asking me to feature this guy & I can't lie it was already in the pipe line! It was just a matter of finding the time between us... Continue Reading →

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Artist Showcase : Doctor Nick

Easy you lot. I will be doing these Artist features on a regular basis. Simply to push the producers that are helping to keep the scene alive & well. If there is anyone you'd like me to feature please feel free to drop a comment below. Doctor Nick   I had the difficult task of... Continue Reading →

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Listen Up : MOAD – Keep Cracking On (15th of August 2017)

If you have anything you want me to listen to or feature please inbox me the links here! Without a doubt this is one of the most anticipated albums in UKG for a long time! MOAD aka Mind Of A Dragon - Keep Cracking On. As soon as you hit play the atmospherics from the intro... Continue Reading →

Listen Up (14th of August 2017) 

Back with the 2nd instalment of this brand new feature! Which is now going to be broken down into smaller sections throughout the month. Each post will be baised on something that has been in my playlist for that day. Its not genre specific. In fact it might not even be music, it could be... Continue Reading →

Listen Up (July 2017)

Easy you lot, I'm rolling out this new monthly feature to push the music I'm listening to at the time. From old to new, UKG, House, Bass, Hip Hop, DNB...what ever I'm feeling at the time! Mixes, individual tracks, albums, EPs, anything! Simply somewhere you can come and flick through a selection of what I... Continue Reading →

Dave All Good H X DJ Wisk – Cape 17 EP, Signed to Digital Candy Records

Good news! Cape 17 has now been signed to Digital Candy Records (release date TBA). So you will be able to purchase all the remixes in the near future from the usual digital download sites! Cape 17 started out as a collaboration project and free download from Dave All Good H & myself a few... Continue Reading →

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