Artist Showcase : B1G PR0J3CT

  B1G PR0J3CT It's a pleasure to bring you my 2nd Artist Showcase, the man they call B1G Pr0J3CT. I had a lot of people inbox me asking me to feature this guy & I can't lie it was already in the pipe line! It was just a matter of finding the time between us... Continue Reading →

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NOSA 12 Hour Launch Rave!

NOSA are on a mission to bring ravers something new & refreshing. A strictly 'No Old Skool Allowed' policy means that you will be experiencing & helping create new anthems for the future. NOSA is for the raver who wants to experience the excitement of hearing tunes for the 1st time at raves! With only... Continue Reading →

Listen Up : Royal Flush – Who’s This EP

From the very first track they sent me, I said Royal Flush were going to be an integral part of the new UK Garage scene. With each release or remix I hear they keep proving me right & it is fast becoming becoming the case! Supported by several heavyweight DJ's in the scene with regular... Continue Reading →

The launch of NOSA : No Old Skool Allowed

After theΒ 'New Year New UKG'Β blog was so successful NOSA was formed.... NOSA is a brand new concept, we are on a mission to bring ravers something new & refreshing. A strictly 'No Old Skool Allowed' policy means you will be witnessing nothing but future anthems at each and every event or live stream! Here at... Continue Reading →

Listen Up : Mike Millrain – Flashbacks Vol. 2

Anyone who knows anything about oldskool garage will know that this man was responsible for a huge chunk of the classics that we all still love to this day! Mike Millrain dominated the UK Garage scene during the late 90's & early 2000's. Using an unbelievable amount of aliases including : Large Joints, Urban Myths,... Continue Reading →

New Year, New UKG?

My history in the scene started back when I was employed as garage buyer at Hard to Find Records. My job was to source and purchase new UK Garage vinyl to sell on. The new music we was selling back then is now labelled as oldskool garage. I went from supplying DJs with new UKG... Continue Reading →

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