Artist Showcase : Doctor Nick

Easy you lot. I will be doing these Artist features on a regular basis. Simply to push the producers that are helping to keep the scene alive & well. If there is anyone you’d like me to feature please feel free to drop a comment below.

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Doctor Nick  

I had the difficult task of who I would ask to be the 1st Artist to showcase, and obviously there’s a huge amount of people making quality new UKG & Bass music out there. But one name sprang to mind instantly…Doctor Nick.

I’ve had the pleasure of dropping tracks like Kindred Soul ‘Don’t wanna be (Doctor Nick Remix)’, Slime Recordings anthem ‘Tell me’ & ‘Hot Air’ (NM Recordings) both on radio & out in club’s, and believe me the reaction I get from this guys productions every single time is something else! From instant pull ups to my phone going into melt down with msgs & missed calls haha. I could list a whole load more Doctor Nick tunes but you guys will go find them and support the tracks after reading this anyway! Right? Thought so haha.

Any way this is why I thought I’d kick start things off with Doctor Nick. Now let’s hear from the man himself…

Interview :

What got you into music production?

Just listening to music really and wanting to do my own bootleg remixes/edits. I was into a lot of drum and bass/house, so I downloaded FL Studio and sort of went from there.

Describe your sound to someone who has never heard any of your tracks 

I jump across a lot of styles so it’d be hard to be specific! I guess though just garage & bass music around the 130bpm mark. Sometimes dark, sometimes nice, whatever I’m in the mood for really.

You can only listen to 5 tunes for the rest of your life, what would you choose? 

A difficult one ha, random selection but probably:

Disclosure – What’s In Your Head

Industry Standard – Got Somebody Else

Basement Jaxxx – Red Alert

Soulsearcher – Feelin’ Love

Pete Rock & CL Smooth – They Reminisce Over You

Your Top 3 tracks of 2017 so far?

Plenty of good tracks so far, hard to narrow it down to 3 but I’d say:

DJD – Only Hope

Karma Kid x Fono – Allison

Dismantle – Squash

If you had to choose between – 4×4 or 2-step? 

Depends on what day it is! I’m feeling a bit of 4×4 right now so I’m gonna go with that, but sometimes you can’t beat a proper 2step groove, so I like both almost equally.

Favourite DJ? (past or present) : 

Obvious choice I know, but has to be EZ, he’s your favourite DJs favourite DJ.

Where do you see the UKG scene in 5 years time? 

Hard to say really, considering it’s quite a small niche at the moment, despite having influences in a lot of the more popular styles at the moment. To be honest I see it continuing as it is right now, unless someone really makes it popular again. There’ll be plenty of tracks still from all the usual producers and possibly even new ones, so that’s good.

Where can we listen to your upcoming releases and productions?

Soundcloud is the best place right now,

Where can we purchase your music? 

All the usual places, Juno, beatport, iTunes etc.

Any shouts? 

Too many to mention but big up the NMR lot and everyone supporting!

Big up Doctor Nick for taking the time out to chat to me and for always looking after me tune wise. I’m looking forward to what you have install for us in the future.

Also thanks to you lot for checking the 1st Artist Feature, it means a lot to me that you are interested in new music. Especially new UKG.

Go support Doctor Nick, buy the tunes, repost them, comment and follow him on Soundcloud using the link above. It all helps believe me!

Don’t forget to comment or even contact me using the contact page, to let me know who you would like featured in the future. Also check out the B1G PR0J3CT feature here!

Big up.


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