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It’s a pleasure to bring you my 2nd Artist Showcase, the man they call B1G Pr0J3CT.

I had a lot of people inbox me asking me to feature this guy & I can’t lie it was already in the pipe line! It was just a matter of finding the time between us to do it, which was never an easy task! But we got there in the end haha.

Gav aka B1G PR0J3CT has been supplying us with fresh UKG through thick and thin, and for that reason alone I rate him highly! But lets also take into account the fact that he is 1 of the producers who I see a tune in my inbox from and can just download it and add it to my USB without even having to listen to it! I just know it will get played! They are always certified bangers!

Interview :

How would you describe your style and sound to someone who has never heard
your tunes?

I think the best way to describe my style is UK Garage with a nostalgic feel – I’ve always set out to make music that I would have bought in to sell over the counter at Music Power. I’m not trying to evolve the sound – people can create new genres to do that.

How long have you been producing music?

My first release was in 1999, so it’ll be around 18 years but I went solo from 2008 and I’ve been honing my skills ever since.

What got you into music production?

I think most DJs realise that you have to produce in order to climb the ladder – there are very few people who are making progress that don’t (to the best of my knowledge) produce, be it a cheeky bootleg or plate to make their set stand out, to full blown tracks/releases.

What is your go to software when producing and what makes you choose to use
that particular software over others that are available?

Cubase – I’ve been using it since I first ventured into the studio, personally for me it’s the workflow, I make music in the evenings and on the weekend as I have a day job like so many others in the scene, as a result I need to be fast as time is my biggest limitation.

I know you love a bit of DJ technology and hardware! What is your personal
favourite bit of kit at the moment and why?

Haha. yeah so for those that don’t know my day job is the marketing and selling of DJ and studio equipment. My favourite bit of kit right now is the Denon SC5000 – simply because it’s forced me to consider alternatives to the industry standard. I’m not sure if you seen these new players yet but if you get a chance to spin on them do!

You have been involved in the industry a while now, and I’m not saying you
are old haha. But you have witnessed 1st hand how fast the technology has advanced & evolved. Do you have any predictions for the future of DJ’ing or producing? Any idea what is coming next? 

DJ technology has ultimately changed the music scene more in the last 20 years than any single genre ever could – the rise of digital media has almost killed off record shops that were vital networking centres for every underground music genre which has definitely changed the landscape – back in the day your vinyl collection was always worth more than your tech whereby now it’s the other way around – essentially helping to devalue the music artists create.

In terms of the evolution – originally DJs pushed the change along, requesting features like kill switches/eq and effects and making the best use that could from them – now the tech manufacturers are pushing the change developing features that inspire DJs to try new things. As long as this development continues DJing can continue to evolve – no matter what genre you’re playing.

As for the future, it’s no secret that Pioneer’s product life cycles are becoming shorter – expect some exciting new kit from them over the next 12-18 months and don’t forget to keep an eye on Denon as the Prime range expands…

For those that don’t know, you used to manage a few record shops back in the
good old vinyl days, what is your most memorable moment of working there
and what do you miss the most?

I managed both Music Power and Boogietimes, I was at Music Power for the golden era of UK Garage while I managed Boogietimes during the 4×4 and early bassline days. As a result I have so many great memories – I think the things I miss most are the delivery days,  you never knew what was going to be in that pile of records you were going to flick through but chances are every van driver would have at least one smasher per week – unless it was Andy from Essential who was always carrying 5-10 tunes that were going to do serious damage.

Talking about the record store days, in your opinion what are biggest pro’s
and cons of selling music on vinyl back then vs selling music as a download
in 2017?

Good question, there are a lot of cons and less pros to be honest in my opinion. Releasing a tune in the vinyl days needed investment, quite a substantial investment actually – you either bought a studio or went in the lab with an engineer (which cost money), then you had to cut dubs during the promo stages (more money) if the tune worked on the floor either you paid to press it up (lots more money) or you had to get it signed. If it got signed then the label would be taking a risk with their money – so the cost became the quality control that is missing now.

Also, the removal of the physical media and in turn the stores that sell tunes has led to a lack of networking – back in the day the UKG network was strong as each local scene had a central hub to feed it. That’s gone now and again, in my opinion, the scene is weaker for it.

If you could do an official remix of any tune, from any time or genre. What
would you pick and why?

The next huge pop crossover so I could get more official remix work 😉

What is the best rave you have been to & what makes it stand out from the

Tough question – it’d be Liberty and a One Night Stands third birthday bash at the Colloseum – the vibe in every room was powerful, I caught EZ spinning an old skool set downstairs first, pushed our way upstairs to catch Norris absolutely smashing the dance to pieces in the mainroom and then it became a bit of a blur. We queued for fucking hours to get into that dance!

What are your Top 3 tunes of 2017 so far?

Nighcralwers VS B1G PR0J3CT – Push The Bassline On

Arianna Grande – One Last Time – B1G PR0J3CT Remix

B1G PR0J3CT x MC Creed x Kate Wild – Back in time

You can pick only 5 tunes to listen to for the rest of your life, what
would they be?

KCi and JoJo – Tell me it’s real – Club asylum remix (best garage track ever)

Shades of rhythm – Sound of Eden

Droppin Science – Volume One


Everything But The Girl – Missing – Todd Terry Remix

2 step or 4×4?

4×4 – it’s all about the energy!

Where do you see the scene in 5 years time?

Smaller than it is now sadly, unless we create a club scene! And that means making music that works on a dancefloor. There’s a lot of well produced music around at the moment, but it’s too radio friendly – hence why the bassline and bass scenes continue to thrive…

Who is your favourite DJ (past or present)?

DJ EZ past and present – he’s given more producers a platform than anybody else.

Who would you say to look out for in the future (DJs, MCs, singers or

Redhot and Carts are strong and are trying to balance UKG and bass etc in their sets. Yourself, Brainz, E1D and Impact need some love because you’ve all championed new music throughout both the good and the bad times for this scene.

Producer wise – watch out for Sergic, I heard a tune from him the other day on the Ultra Bass podcast that’s one of the most exciting bits of 2 step I’ve heard in a long while.

Where can we listen to and purchase your music?

Juno, iTunes, Traxsource – all the usual outlets…

Social Media?

Follow B1G PR0J3CT on Twitter

Follow B1G PR0J3CT on Soundcloud

Last but not least, any shouts?

Too many names to mention but I’ve gotta B1G up the full UKG family past and present, special mentions go out to Dean Savonne, Nico, Sheppey and the full Music Power Crew, the Highly Swung Family and Impact for the support, Winston,  each and every DJ that plays my music (apart from the ones ripping tunes from Soundcloud lol), Micky Finn for the sound advice when needed and of course your good self Mr Wisk for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

B1G Up – Gav

I have to say a massive thank you to you lot for reading this, please give it a share on Facebook, Twitter etc. its all about pushing new music!!! Also comment below with suggestions on who you would like to see featured, or use the contact page / social media if you prefer to use that.

Big up B1G PR0J3CT for taking time out of his busy schedule to do this, go and support his music!! Also fdon;t forget to check the Doctor Nick feature here!



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