Listen Up (July 2017)

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Easy you lot, I’m rolling out this new monthly feature to push the music I’m listening to at the time. From old to new, UKG, House, Bass, Hip Hop, DNB…what ever I’m feeling at the time! Mixes, individual tracks, albums, EPs, anything!

Simply somewhere you can come and flick through a selection of what I believe is good music. Hopefully introducing you to something you will add to your playlist and enjoy.

If you have any music you would like featured or something you think I would enjoy please feel free to drop a comment below or contact me through the contact page.

I’ll start off with a UKG track that has been on repeat for the past week non-stop in the Wisk household. A remix from one of the most respected producers in the music industry, MJ Cole.  Also a free download!

From nice to dirty, 3000 Bass have come correct with this womper of a remix from DJ Fraktion! Pure undiluted filth of the highest calibre! Been caning this at the gym, pure energy! Also a free download!

Been playing this album a lot again the past few days or so, in my opinion (not saying you should agree ha) the best Kendrick Lamar album out there. Just my opinion haha,

Absolutely fell in love with this track from second I hit play on the promo from Prescribe Da Vibe, look out for this one soon!! UKG at its finest.

Without a doubt the most played tune on my show the past month or so! A tune that immediately captures the attention of both oldskool UKG fans & the newskool UKG fans when dropped. Big up Cellardore, this ones out now & available to buy here.

Fellow d3ep radio DJs Royal Flush came to me with this track a month or so ago and its also been hammered in pretty much every set since! Pure summer vibes, and also available as a free download from the soundcloud page! Catch Royal Flush every Wednesday straight after my show from 10pm till Midnight,

Dug this one out from the mp3 files the other day, real good music from Purple Disco Machine!

Big tune from one of my good pals Tuff Culture, even if its turned out to be the hardest track title for me to say live on air ever haha. Love the vibes on this!

Been smashing this mix in the car on my to work & back daily! Big up my fellow d3ep radio comrades Too Bad & Marvel, catch them every other Sunday from 10pm,

More filth from my playlists, this time from Hypho & the four40 Records imprint. Featuring MC Pean.

To be honest theres been a few from Joedan I could include in this! But I’m gonna go with the Oldskool flavours on this mix. Featuring Birminghams very own MC Blenda on mic duties! Available to buy on Ultra Bass Records, with remixes from MOAD & Zemon.  Grab it here!

This has helped keep me sane this week, real nice house mix from Owain, representing 124 Recordings. Strictly good vibes on this 1!

10 years old but still sounds as big as it did the 1st time I heard it!

Ok this ones just a cheeky plug to go check my playlist on Spotify haha

Last 1 for this month, some classic ODB (RIP).

Until next month, please give this a share on Facebook, Twitter etc. using the links below.


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