Listen Up : MOAD – Keep Cracking On (15th of August 2017)


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Without a doubt this is one of the most anticipated albums in UKG for a long time!

MOAD aka Mind Of A Dragon – Keep Cracking On.

As soon as you hit play the atmospherics from the intro track “Untitled M8” bring you into the world of Mind of a Dragon. With its haunting vocal and them trademark MOAD beats stringing together a deep sub that will have your head knocking uncontrollably! You instantly know this album from Mind Of A Dragon is not your average UKG album!

The album switches styles & moods easily but without a single track sounding out of place, “Yoot” comes loaded with ragga samples and what I have coined the “MOAD Bop! noise” throughout the tune. Along with a bassline that drives straight into your soul! Just wait until you hear this on a big system, it feels like what I imagine being hit in the chest with a sledgehammer feels like!

“Music Box” is in my opinion a game changer, it shows how far UKG has come as a genre (in fact this whole album does that!). Moving far away from the comfort zone of what people think of when you say UKG. Into something that oozes originality and showcases Mind Of a Dragon’s ability to think outside of the box. With the crispiest, cleanest beats we have come to expect from MOAD, gluing the track together nicely.

I could go on all day about every track on this debut album from Mind Of A Dragon but I won’t as I am sure you want to be listening to the album by now! So I will Keep Cracking On! (poor joke I know! haha)

If you are a regular listener of my show you would of heard me smashing most of the tunes off this Mind of a Dragon album recently, and judging by your reactions, most of you will have purchased this already! If not, go support MOAD (Mind Of A Dragon) by buying a copy of Keep Cracking On here or by streaming from Spotify below.

Follow Mind of a Dragon on Soundcloud, to keep up to date with future releases : MOAD (Soundcloud).


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