Listen up! The ‘is nothing safe from a UK Garage remix?’ years!

There was a time when absolutely nothing was safe from being sampled or remixed into a UK Garage track! Films, TV programs, other tunes, basically anything that could be sampled was at some point! The results were definitely hit & miss!

Being Halloween I had to start with these 2 from the UK Garage archives!

Killer Instinct – Michaels Theme (Remix)






Brotherz In Law – The Exorsist


There’s gonna be a lot of oxide productions in this simply because he done a shit load of UK Garage that remixed theme tunes! This one being the most successful of the lot. Managing to sample TVs Casualty theme tune and a bit of Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. After a shed load of single sided white labels sold, it ended up being battered by most DJs on pirate radio then not long after picked up by a major label and in the charts.

Oxide & Neutrino – Casualty







There was also The Bill


















Ok that’s enough Oxide ha, to be honest some of these others below may of been produced by him but I can’t remember!

Even 80s TV favourite the A-Team wasn’t safe from a UK Garage bootleg! I can’t lie, I used to cringe every time I saw someone leave Hard To Find Records with a copy of this vinyl. I apologise to the UKG scene for even stocking it! But it sold by the box load!

A Step Team – The Team A





It’s not all TV & Film, any tune about was fair game in the UK Garage remix stakes. Some how Salt n Peppa was not frowned upon!

Salt n Pepa (ft. B-Live) – Push It (Garage Remix)

Surely Del Boy was safe? Nope…

Ginja Ft. Lee-O – Del Boys Tune

N-Trance….surely not?

N-Trance – Set You Free (UKG Remix)

At the time this was pressed up & in record shops there was no getting away from this program…so it was inevitable that a UK Garage remix was on the cards!

DEA Project – Jerry Springer

Any TV program that was big, Ali G even made it onto wax!

Voodoo Dread vs Ali G – Keep It Real

I’m starting to think this could go on forever…big up the Darleks!

DR Who – The Darleks

Remember the warning that a film you was about to watch was an 18? You can’t make this stuff up!

18 – Certificate 18

Have you ever heard the interference you get when stood by a speaker with your mobile phone? Did you think hang on…there’s a tune to be made here? Nah neither did I! But it was done and it sold a lot of units too! Simply add a bit of phone ringing, an answer machine talking and there you go, a UK Garage track was born!

Unknown – The Phone Tune

There’s loads more, if you think of any drop a comment or send me a message via the contact page and I will add them on!

I’ll finish this with this…


Hahaha laters!


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